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Arrigo Musti 
He was born in Palermo, Sicily, in 1969.
At the age of 28, he felt that his original passion had remained latent and was determined to study, self-taught, painting techniques and human anatomy. So he left the legal profession once and for all.
“Myth” as a metaphor of risk of corruption of mores is the subject of most interest to Arrigo.
He has participated in numerous personal and group exhibitions in contemporary art galleries, and museums in Italy, France, the Netherlands, England, and the United States.
In 2008 Christie’s auctioned some paintings by Arrigo in Holland, The Hague.
In 2009 a personal exhibition, “Rain” was presented by Golden Lion art historian Maurizio Calvesi; it was run at Wright State University, Ohio, USA. Calvesi defined his works “a new page in painting and not only Sicilian.”
In 2008 has won the attention of important figures in the art world including the american gallerist Larry Gagosian and entrepreneur and art collector Carlo Bilotti. One portrait is part of Larry Gagosian collection NYC. Another portrait is that of the entrepreneur and art collector Carlo Bilotti.
In 2011, he participated in the 54th Venice Biennale - Venice Arsenal - on a choice, as best
Italian artist, by the, Oscar-winning film director Giuseppe Tornatore.
A solo exhibition “Nameless” was run at the Italian Chamber of Deputies (Montecitorio-Rome), in 2012.
Many works of his are permanently displayed in museums, public space and private collections. Among the places where they are displayed is the International Criminal Court of the Hague (United Nations), the Orestiadi Foundation at Gibellina (Trapani - Sicily), and the Guttuso Museum (Palermo province).
In 2011 he was a finalist in the UNESCO world contest "Art and Bioethics."
At the Chamber of Deputies (Rome) he received the international Italy-USA 2014 prize of the homonymous Foundation.
In 2014 a solo exhibition of his work was run at the Contemporary Museum in Villa Torlonia in Rome, curated by Lorenzo Canova.
With his wife, the architect Anna Russo, he also designs a line of interior fittings and majolica furniture, for J&Well, which are displayed at specialist trade fairs in Italy and abroad.
Catalogues of Arrigo Musti's works are present in many bookstores and libraries around the world, including the Yad Vashem library in Israel (Impop Art).
His works have been the subject of numerous exhibition catalogues and have been reviewed in Italian and international art and design magazines, monthly and daily newspapers, and dozens of Italian and foreign publications, including one by UNESCO .
In 2019 he wrote and directed the short awarded film "A Fantastic Mistake".
Arrigo Musti lives and works partly in Rome and partly in Palermo (Sicily).
From 2022 two "Under the surfaces serie" artworks are part of Srebrenica Memorial Center - Bosnia and Herzegovina 
"in memory of the victims and survivors of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide and in recognition of the work of the United Nations Prosecutor Serge Brammertz and his team in bringing the perpetrators to justice".

He is eligible to teach at the Academy of Italian Fine Arts (AFAM - Bari Academy of fine arts).

Main exhibitions 
solo exhibition
Srebrenica Memorial Center
Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Under the surfaces serie artworks are part of Srebrenica Memorial
Center - Bosnia and Herzegovina 
United Nations in memory of the victims and survivors
of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide and in recognition of the work 
of the UN Prosecutor Serge Brammertz and his team in bringing the perpetrators to justice.
solo exhibition
IMPOP 12 - 21
BobeZ art gallery
Palermo - Sicily 2021 December 3  - 2022 march 3  
Generali Bank Politeama Place. Palermo. Sicily
group exhibition 
Novecento "Artisti di Sicilia"
group exhibition 
curated by Vittorio Sgarbi
Noto Museum (NOTO Sicily) 
febbruary 2020 october 30 2021 
group exhibition
"Ex Voto" per Arte Ricevuta
curated by Angelo Crespi
The Mall Milan 
Mondadori Store Duomo Square - Milan
Marino Marini Museum - Florence
solo exhibition
TWIST december 22 2019 / april  30 2020
Guttuso Museum (Bagheria/Palermo)
curated by Annabelle Priestley
(curatorial assistant at Princeton Art Museum New Jersey)
and Professor Lorenzo Canova (Isa and Giorgio De chimico Foundation) 
group exhibition 
Tribute to Leopard Palermo European Capital of culture " week of cultures " curated by Anna Maria Ruta
solo exhibition 
Sant'Elia Foundation contemporary art museum (Palermo)  
"Origin" Dalya Luttwak & Arrigo Musti - Watergate Gallery Washington D.C. USA
curated by Lorenzo Canova
group exhibition
Grandi Maestri Galleria Lombardi Rome - Palermo November . December 
solo exhibition
Far From Myth 
selected artworks 2012 – 2017 – catalogue texts by Lorenzo Canova  Ed. Plumelia 2017-
Mediolanum Bank – Notarbartolo Palace – Palermo
solo exhibition
event pop up exhibition one day
"Waiting Manifesta 12" Arrigo Musti and Dalya Luttwak  
Lanza Branciforte Castle, Trabia . Sicily


solo exhibition

Mercurio gallery Palermo 

Drops part 2

solo exhibition
“Impop” curated by Lorenzo Canova
Rome, Contemporary Art Museum (Villa Torlonia) curated by Lorenzo Canova 
solo exhibition
Drops curated by Lorenzo Canova
Castelbuono (Palermo) Civic Museum

2013group exhibitionBioethics art UNESCO, United Nation Palace N.Y.C.

group exhibitionCosenza (CS) Museo dei Brettii and Enotri Museum

group exhibition Fondazione Orestiadi diGibellina (TP) Artisti a Gibellina – MIBAC AMACI
solo exhibition
Nameless curated by Marisa Vescovo
Rome, Montecitorio,  Monumental Complex of Vicolo Valdina, Hall of Deputies  
Palermo, Sant’Elia Palace Foundation and contemporary art museum 
group exhibition
54° Venice Biennial – Venice Arsenal – Italian Pavillon
olo exhibition 
Bagheria (Palermo) Villa Casaurro (Catanzaro gallery) curated by Lorenzo Canova
solo exhibition
U.S.A. “Rain” curated by Maurizio Calvesi ed Augusta Monferini 
Dayton International Peace Museum
Wright state University (Dayton – Ohio)
Missing Peace art Space (Dayton – Ohio)
group exhibition
Nutshuis, The Hague (The Netherlands), Red Cross summer exhibition . June (Christie’s auction)
group exhibition
Artefact Gallery London - october (Christie’s auction)
solo exhibition
“Oil and blood rain” Palermo, Italy Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco 
Arte Gallery Rome 
Mecenars gallery Palermo

Museum and public spaces exhibits and permanent collection:
Orestiadi Foundation at Gibellina (Trapani - Sicily)
Guttuso Museum (Bagheria - PALERMO)
Bretti ed Entri Museum (Cosenza - Italy
Fondazione Sant'Elia (Palermo)
Dayton Peace Museum (Dayton OHIO)
City Hall (Chicago - Illinois)
Dayton Missing Peace Art Space (Ohio- USA)
Marino Marini Museum (Florence- Italy)
Villa Torlonia Rome Contemporary art museum (Rome - Italy)
Comitini historic Palace (Provincia Regionale Palermo)
United Nations International Criminal Court (ICTY - The Hague)
Palermo Tribunal (Palermo)
Castelbuono Museum (Palermo - Sicily)
General consulate of Morocco (Palermo)
United Nation Palace NYC - USA
Wright State University (OHIO - USA)
Freetown Sierra Leon ex Special Court for S.L. Memory Museum 
Bilotti Ruggi - Rende Museum (Cosenza- Italy)
Larry Gagosiam NY private collection
NOTO Museum / Convitto delle Arti (NOTO Sicily)


His works are exhibited by the Galleries:
Watergate Gallery (Washington D.C. USA) 

L. Gagosian private collection in New York includes an Arrigo artwork of the portraits serie (L. Gagosian portrait)



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